Sena Larard

Sena Larard is a voice teacher who worked as a singer for the last 15 years. She teaches professional singers, children, and amateurs. Her students are currently singing on the main stage at the Royal Opera House in the children's choir, at Italia Conti School for the performing Arts, the National Children’s Chorus, and her youngsters are gaining high marks on their abrsm exams. Sena is always excited to help amateur students, who are often afraid to sing, find their voice. With the knowledge of how their voice works they are up and singing in the first lesson with confidence and joy. You can hear Sena sing on the film, "Mirette" and she will be singing Haydn's Creation with the Bury St.Edmunds Bach Choir and Orchestra on June 2nd.

“Sena’s analytical ear is extraordinary, and she can translate what she hears into the clearest possible instructions, backed up by her own demonstrations. (This is by no means usual in the singing world!) Her teaching style is friendly and encouraging, but entirely straightforward, and she prizes vocal health above all else. As a professional singer myself, I can say she has been transformative, but I can also think of no-one better for beginners, amateurs, or ambitious young students” - Soprano Bibi Heal