Sena doesn't just teach you to learn pieces, or for an exam, she teaches you technique and how to get the best out of your voice. You will become a better singer all round. She's also great fun! - Nathaniel, 12
I've become a better singer with Sena's help because she doesn't just tell you what to do to become a better singer, but explains why it helps you. I genuinely enjoy my lessons and look forward to them. Matthew, 15
I came to Sena with a very simple brief - help me grow my confidence so that I can sing happy birthday to my kids. I had silenced myself since the age of 7 after the school music teacher told me that i needed to mime if I wanted to be in the choir. Sena worked with me with such care and tenderness. Within just a few weeks I was singing without feeling self conscious. Her pace was gentle, her support so encouraging and the humour and enthusiasm she brought to our sessions was endless. We had so much fun together - even whilst learning the tricky technical stuff! We smashed the original brief and....I keep going to sessions... now it's about really improving my singing. I couldn't recommend anyone more highly! - Emma Light, 41
“Sena’s analytical ear is extraordinary, and she can translate what she hears into the clearest possible instructions, backed up by her own demonstrations. (This is by no means usual in the singing world!) Her teaching style is friendly and encouraging, but entirely straightforward, and she prizes vocal health above all else. As a professional singer myself, I can say she has been transformative, but I can also think of no-one better for beginners, amateurs, or ambitious young students” - Soprano Bibi Heal

Student Success:

  • Alessia - Gained a Distinction on her Grade 5 LCM exam.
  • Allegra - Was successful in her audition for the National Children’s Chorus.
  • Imogen - Was successful in her audition for sixth form musical theater school at Italia Conti School for the Performing Arts.
  • Nathaniel - On stage now in Carmen with the Youth Chorus at the Royal Opera House and preparing for his grade 5 ABRSM exam.
  • Matthew - Sang with the Royal Opera Youth Chorus for 3 years and selected to be a soloist in Fever Pitch at Union Chapel.